The Sonnets

Many years ago, I wrote a few sonnets.


For once you had such very little feet

That traipsed and danced and played like all the rest

On playground sands with sweet young boys you’d meet

When trees would show the colours you liked best.

And still the autumn is your favorite time

Despite the knowledge of what is to come;

The long and lonely hours atop the climb

To keep the hands and heart from going numb.

You fight the wind and rain and sleet and frost

While trying – oh so hard – not to recall

Any but the simplest of pleasures lost:

A sip of something warm, though very small.

It hurts to see just what those feet became

Wrapped in layers of socks and scraps and shame.



Ave Maris Stella by Léo Delibes

Ave Maris Stella by Léo Delibes – performed by Matthew and Margaret Norwood and Denise Lanning at St. Michael & All Angels’ in Denver.


I still think of Irma often. I hope that she’s well. I hope that she has a nice place to sleep. I hope that she has many more joys than sorrows. And I hope that she still remembers me as someone who loves her.