Sanity in Acting

Book CoverSanity in Acting, the Teachings of Galina Boulgakova, a Stanislavsky-based approach to acting for the screen brings a unique approach to the Stanislavski System. It explores the techniques an actor needs to create personal connection to character and then gives tools to help the actor disconnect from that character. It examines the elements of the human psyche and how an actor can apply this knowledge and these techniques during all stages of the storytelling process. This book is designed to be a basic training guide for beginning actors and directors while also being enlightening and inspiring to advanced practitioners.

This book explores the techniques and discoveries of Galina Boulgakova, an alumna of the famous Moscow Art Theatre School. Her work with students through the Stanislavski System and the application of the System to acting for the screen set this book apart from other works on the subject. It is a practical, rather than theoretical, guide to the Galina’s techniques. It specifically focuses on the psychological discoveries that she has made over the years to keep actors from the confusion and psychic chaos that so often accompanies practitioners of the craft of acting.

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Independence poster


independence is a feature-length drama shot in 2007.


independence stars Margaret Norwood as Samantha, a sheltered college student who must face her expectations of life and relationships when her father dies and leaves her alone in the world.

Samantha takes a job selling fireworks in small town Nebraska and must endure physical trials and emotional vulnerability in a hostile environment. She has no food, bathroom or adequate shelter and must rely on those who come into the fireworks tent for her very survival. Unlikely friendships sustain her, but her ability to survive by accepting what she is given is put to the ultimate test as she faces an oncoming tornado and attempts to protect her life and her livelihood from destruction.